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All deposits will be applied to the final cost of the tattoo on the date of the appointment.

Deposits are applied towards the tattoo concept that was discussed and agreed upon between you and your artist. 

Deposits are made with a specific artist and are not transferable between artists.

The required deposit amount is typically $100-$200.

If you need to reschedule your appointment:

A minimum 48-hour notice is required to transfer deposits to a new appointment date.

Failure to provide a 48-hour notice upon cancellation will result in loss of deposit. 

An existing appointment may only be rescheduled up to 2 times within 2 years of the original appointment date, otherwise it will result in loss of deposit to compensate artists for blocking out their time.

Our shop minimum is $100 (effective 01-01-22)

We accept cash and Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit/debit cards for payment.

If you choose to use a credit/debit card, a 3% processing fee will be applied due to increased fees by our merchant.

We offer digital gift certificates! Click here.

Physical gift certificates are available in shop!

Gift certificates MUST BE PRESENTED at time of service.

If you purchased a digital gift certificate, you must present the certificate on your mobile device or a printed copy of the downloadable digital gift certificate.

We do not honor lost or stolen gift certificates.

They NEVER expire!

Not redeemable for cash.

Not refundable.

They may be used with any Watchtower Tattoo artist.

They may not be used for tips.

Certain restrictions may apply during special gift certificate promotions.

**Tattooing minors is left to the individual artists' discretion, please contact the artist you would like to do your tattoo to ask what their policy is on tattooing minors.**

Parent/guardian consent is required for minors under 18 years old to get tattooed.

The parent/guardian must be present to sign paperwork and remain present during the tattoo.

We require photo ID from the parent/guardian (state ID, drivers license, military ID, or passport), the minor's birth certificate, and photo ID from the minor (school ID, state ID, passport).

Our artists will refuse to tattoo minors who fail to fulfill proper ID requirements.

We reserve all rights to refuse to tattoo a minor. The artists may use their discretion when deciding on what to tattoo on minors. 

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